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Dipping toes back in… July 9, 2010

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I’ve been MIA.  For MONTHS. Apologies.  And get this. I’m not even going to right a real post at the moment.

Just testing the water.


Halloweenie – it’s just around the corner! October 20, 2009

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It’s that time of year again, the time that I spend altogether too much time stressing about what in the world I’ll be dressed as on the sluttiest/most fun-filled night of the year – HALLOWEEN!

This year presents a new set of dilemmas, so maybe you, dear readers, will have some ideas for me.  Here are the issues I’m up against:

-This year I have two client parties to attend, one on the 30th with Villians as the theme, and one on the 31st with SNL as the theme.

-Given that these are client parties, I need to spend some time on something creative and smart.

-Also given that these are client parties, I can’t just go with the “slutty fill-in-the-blank” costume that is so popular with the 20 something girl set.

-HOWEVER, there are generally lots of cute available guys at these events, so while I don’t want to go the slutty route, I do want to look cute.

-My budget… ahhhhh, well, my budget is pretty much non-exsistent.  As in 30 bucks or less.

-In a perfect world I’ll come up with something that can do double duty at both parties, or at least have the main elements cross over with a few minor changes.  Does anyone know of any villainous SNL characters???

-There is the slight possibility that The Producer will be in town – he’s suddenly become very vague about his plans, so I’m not sure what’s up with that.  I guess I hope he’s not going to make it?

So clearly with only 10 days to go, I’d better get crackin’.  So far the only crossover idea that’s been tossed out there is Sarah Palin, but I sort of feel like she was way over done last year, and I’m definitely on the lookout for a better idea.

Oye, Halloween, why do you have to be so tricky and so much fun all wrapped up in one??


and, so here I am again… October 17, 2009

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Miss me?

I’ve had a rather eventful week or so, and I suppose the moral of the story is that new bloggers and travel don’t mix very well. 😐

The trip to His City was actually delightful.  I was picked up by The First and his new girl (which he didn’t forewarn me about), but pretty much instantly we were all at ease with each other.  I ended up hanging out with her for most of the visit since The First is in about eleventy bajillion plays at the moment and was always rehearsing.  I did drink, but kept it under control pretty much the whole time – which all things considered, counts as a success in my books.  I did do a little making out with a boy from Denver outside a bar on Friday night, but nothing more and was lured home with the promise of pizza.  The next mornign came with a call from my Grandpa asking where I was, and I was all, um, I was going to call, I’m still in bed.  Granddaughter fail.  Eventually I made it to the train with just moments to spare, and arrived at my grandparents’ midday.  Sheesh people, they are o.l.d. We had some good visiting, but I felt like I spent the better part of my energy trying to avoid a litany of topics from women in the workplace to gay marriage.  It was great to spend some time with them, but I left with the sad thought that it might be the last I see of my Grandma.  My uncle volunteered to take me to the airport (I had planned on taking the train, but who turns down that kind of offer??).  Here’s where the story takes a nose dive.  Apparently if you’re not checked in a full hour ahead of schedule, they don’t let you board.  Does everyone else know this?? I could have easily made it if they had let me even try, but nooooo, the mean man at the ticket counter wouldn’t let me.  UGH.  Of course I had to be back at work the next morning, and there was no way to get home that night at all.  Accepting my fate I asked if it was ok to sleep at the gate, which the mean man assured me it was.  I did some wandering and settled in with my book until oh, around 12;15.  I was then approached by airport security who informed me that no, I was not allowed to be there and had to go back to ticketing.  By this point, all the benches in that area were taken by people who hadn’t been lied to, and I laid on the concrete floor of the ticketing area until around 4:30 when we were allowed at the gate.  NOT the best night of my life.  Once I made it home, I felt like I’d been run over by a train, but had to go to work anyway.  And fin.

It should be mentioned that work has gd EXPLODED, and I spent a good 3-4 hours a day on vacation glued to the phone or computer.  This is mostly good news, as it means I’ll probably keep my job for a bit.  There seem to be some very exciting projects coming down the line for the winter, more to come on that for sure!

Apologies for not being a more consistent blogger, I promise to do better from here on out!!


pack-a-lackin’ October 5, 2009

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Ugh, does it seem to anyone else my life currently only consists of unpacking or packing?  I’m so over it.  Tonight’s project consisted of packing for my trip back to His City.  Oye, what in the world are you supposed to wear to hang out with an ex and his fabulous new girlfriend?!?

The Roommate approved my plane outfit of a brown dress, burgundy sweater, brown tights and boots (she also announced that she would drive me to the airport, because, well she rocks!).  Other than that first outfit though, I’m sort of at a loss on what I’ll be wearing.  I finally got desperate and just started putting things in the suitcase, crossing my fingers all the while that amazing ensembles will spring forth, but currently my hopes are not especially high.

Over all I think the trip will have a pretty casual vibe, so I’m banking on dresses with leggings, jeans, t-shirts and cardigans to pull me through.  Topped off with the cute new boots and bag, hopefully it’ll all suffice.  At least I won’t be wandering the streets naked – probably.

All this business was set to happen tomorrow night as I have a tendency to wait for the last possible second (shocking, I know), but things at work exploded and it looks like I’ll be leaving the office around 11 tomorrow night and getting on a plane 6 hours later, so I decided to break the cycle of procrastination and at least get the clothing in order.  Tomorrow will still be the time for toiletries, accessories and last minute stuff (like painting my nails – nothing really says I so have my life together like a manicure, don’t ya think?)- so really I plan on being completely sleep deprived by the time the plane lands, which reminds me – concealer in an accessible place!

Well, the next couple days are sure to be exhausting on many levels, so this lady better be hitting the hay.  Wish me luck!


smells of unpacking October 4, 2009

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Ok, straight up – I HATE unpacking.  So much so that I moved about 6 weeks ago, and I’m just now getting to the really business of it (look! here I am procrastinating again!!).  Truth be told it’s been at least two previous moves that have happened without ever fully unpacking.  So I’ve been treated to boxes I packed literally 3 years ago.  Joy.

Needless to say, I’ve got a rather LARGE pile for goodwill, and even more for the trash, but oh well, I’m proud to say that I think THIS is the apartment that will be completely unpacked! All this unpacking has me running into a great number of smells from past places, here’s the rundown…

Bath and Body works face moisturizer=the bathroom in His City, goodness, I used some and it was so visceral that I had to wash it off.

Smelly room oil stuff=the first apartment I lived in after moving back, sort of nice in a warm way, but again, brought me RIGHT BACK to being 23 and partying all. the. time. Found another wee bottle of oil and was transported back to the apartment I shared with The Doctor – fallish and full of emotional turmoil.

Green apple dish soap=the kitchen in His City. Okay, so why do I still have this dish soap around you ask? My best guess is that I’d forgotten about it or it was on sale and then I realized what it smelled like and I packed it back up.  Such a  pack-rat.

Of course along with the smells there are the pictures, love notes, knickknacks and so on that also seem to prove a history.  Not just of past love, but other adventures as well – like the Valentine’s day man scavenger hunt I went on with a girlfriend one year – the lists of different types of men we needed to find and have autograph our little red book – mementos from trips to Disney World and Honduras, things purchased for gifts when I worked in Alaska that never made it to there intended, books from college I didn’t have the heart to sell back, handfuls of jewelery from middle and high school, magnets made from clay as a child.

Finding a place for all these memories is tricky – what to hold near and be reminded of, what to tuck away into boxes to be found again in the next move.

So far I like how this apartment is coming together.  My previous house had no room for such personal adornment, so I’m a little concerned that this one will be dripping with sentiment, but for now it’s comforting, cozy and nice. But still a mess. Better get back to it.:)

Happy Sunday to you all!


Ahhhh!!! October 3, 2009

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Obligatory pre-midnight post!!! Will write actual entry when I get home! Eeeekkkk!


Testing testing, 1,2,3? October 2, 2009

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Why hello! Consider this my first official ‘remote’ post (ok, I’m sitting at my computer, but blogging from my phone)! Let’s see if this iPhone posting stuff is really all that easy..,
I went shopping last night for the elusive boots and purse- no boots, but think I scored on a purse! Sells for $200, I got it for $75!! What do ya think?